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10 Great Reasons to Skip for Fitness

I have never particularly enjoyed cardio/aerobic exercise. I hate running, I’m no good at swimming. I do a self defence class once a week which is great for keeping my heart rate up but I need to do more, so I started skipping.

I can honestly say I am the fittest I have ever been since having started. I no longer get out of breath after just a couple of minutes and I can notice the changes in all aspects of my life.

Here are some great reasons as to why I think everyone should give it a try.

  1. It is play! Like when you were a child and play is essential in life even for us adults
  2. It is excellent cardiovascular exercise which means that it will keep your heart healthy and make you fitter
  3. It is simple and convenient – you can do it in your own home.
  4. It is cheap – you can buy a rope for less than a fiver
  5. It can be high or low intensityyou go at your own pace which means that it suits all fitness levels
  6. It burns lots of calories so it’s great for weight loss
  7. It works your legs and arms so will have them looking leaner in no time
  8. It improves balance an coordination 
  9. It is a great core workout as you have to stabilise yourself throughout
  10. You can jump in lots of different ways which will keep it interesting!

Why not give it a go?