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Weights for Weight Loss

One of the greatest benefits to lifting weights is that weight lifting aids weight loss.


When you lift weight you build muscle on your body.

Muscle is more ‘metabolically active’ than fat which, in English, means that it is constantly moving (whereas fat just stays still). Your muscles are constantly contracting.

And what happens when you move?

You burn calories!

So by building more muscle onto your body you will increase the amount of calories you are able to burn even when resting. Because once the muscle is there it will be constantly contracting even if you are not doing anything. So you will continue to burn calories long after you’ve finished your workout!

Needless to say I am a bit of a weight lifting fan. I have been training for 2 years with heavy weights and I love it. I think more women should get into weight lifting as there are many benefits to it, weight loss isn’t the only one, so watch this space for more reasons why you should hit the weights!


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